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Creating a tour with Bytes Route


  • Increase trial conversions
  • Welcome tours for new users logging in
  • Help users discover newly released functionality
Creating a guide with Bytes Route


  • Build interactive tutorials, no coding needed
  • Forget about outdated videos & screenshots
  • The guides always run on your latest version

Build tours without coding

Get the free Bytes Route Chome extension and create your first tour in no time. Update your tours whenever you need to, it's simple and fast.

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Describing a step in Bytes Route

How does it work?


After registration, install theBytes Route Chrome extension and start creating your first tour.

Creating a tutorial with Bytes Route

Add tour steps by right clicking on an element.

Adding a tutorial step with Bytes Route

Type your description, save the step.

Repeat this until you're done.

Describing a step in Bytes Route

When done, publish the tour to your profile onBytesRoute.com and share it with your clients.

Saving a Bytes Route tutorial

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